Early morning secrets

The other morning, I found myself walking out the door to get to work as the digital clock on my phone read 4:58 am, as I had an extremely early east coast call set up that morning. I know this sounds crazy, but I truly appreciate this very special connection I feel to the moon and the dark sky when I get up and get ready for the day that early in the morning.. as if I am getting some magical one-on-one time before any distractions from the day start to take away from the pure beauty of the sky. The town was still perfectly still, and I was intoxicated by its beauty and the silence, so I sat in my car all inspired and shit, risking being late to work a few minutes and frantically wrote this…


Pitch dark out.

As if I am being let in on a secret

the world has yet to find out today


I indulge this moment deliciously

under the luminating aura of the silent morning moonlight

that’s yet too bright

to give over the baton over to the hidden sun


The twinkling still embedded in the dawn sky

sleepily starts to fade home

after a long night’s patrol


But wait,

what’s the secret

you are trying to let me in on, I ask,


The moon carefully tiptoes over to my ear,

trying not to awake the still dreaming town,

and gently whispers in my ear..


“This Bliss…

… in this Silence.”

Love Poem to all humans

So I didn’t used to like Valentine’s Day – I thought it was a commercialized holiday that celebrated the superficial parts of relationships. And I don’t even like chocolate. But in my recent years, I have changed my perspective and understood the power and realm of “love” so much deeply. This year, I am fully embracing what this holiday could mean – I want to celebrate how much I love everyone, friends, family, even strangers, just because they are human. Sometimes as I sit in traffic or walk down the street full of strangers, I silently bless them and send them my love. Who knows what they are going through and who knows what my little loving thought energy could positively impact them.

We all have the same needs as humans – to feel connected, to feel loved, to feel happiness, yet we don’t actually take the time to get to know each person to their deepest desires, dreams and fears. I wish we did, and I am trying to make a conscious effort to when I talk to people these days – because we would find that each time we are all the same in the core of our beings.

So this poem is to celebrate my love I feel for the universe and everyone in it (minus Trump, I still don’t love Trump)! Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo!


Open Invitation

If you need a place to rest your heart,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the scent of the infinite ocean swirls into the pink shades of sunset,

Where the dolphins come out to dance with the radiating melodies of your intuition,

where every step you take, the nurturing warm sand will hug your feet with unconditional embrace.


If you need a place to rest your soul,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the lustful twinkle of the moonlight will flirt with all your senses,

Where the taste of the pure sacred water will refresh all corners of your tongue,

Where the sound of clashing waves will enlighten and awaken even the darkest shades of your being.


You are loved, you are loved.

You are safe on my island, my love.


If you ever need a place to rest,

Please be my guest.





If my tears could take away your pain

I’d cry forever

If my hugs could comfort you
I’d hug you forever

If my prayers could heal you
I’d pray forever

If my many sleepless nights will let you sleep better
I’d give up sleep forever

If my hope cheers you up
I’d be hopeful forever

If my love reminds you to keep fighting


Because I’ll love you forever

No matter where you are and will be
You’re my father
And I’ll be your daughter forever

Fall in love with life…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.13.56 PM.png

Fall in love with life; go on adventures; meet new people and experience new things with them; don’t be afraid to show who you are and befriend yourself; don’t ever ever forget to appreciate every moment that will never come back.

Tell people you love that you love them any chance you get; cherish the love you receive; forgive those who may have done you wrong out of their own insecurities; stay compassionate to all of us who are imperfect.

Now is all we will ever have and always be mindful that you only get one life to live. That way you won’t have regrets, because regrets are the empty traces of you not living to the fullest.

When things get hard, know that they will pass just as fast as any good times. And when things get good, know that you deserve it. Life is all but dull, so don’t forget to live colorfully, color life, color life!


“resilient: (adjective re·sil·ient) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching or being compressed; able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.”

My happiness is not merely defined by a series of hedonistic events, and my wealth not by a number in a bank account. I’m happy because I stay grateful and notice the beauty hidden behind even the most imperfect parts of life. I’m rich because I am overwhelmed with love, family, and friends even through tough times. And I’m resilient because no matter what life throws at me, I will bounce back even higher.

A few weeks ago, my family and I went through one of the toughest weeks of our lives. Just when we thought we had beat dad’s cancer from his last surgery that removed a part of his colon, he got diagnosed this time with later stage lung cancer.

          I don’t get sad to this extreme often, and I am able to bounce back very quickly. However, this one really tore my heart apart.
          The week following his diagnosis, I was in tears, constantly. It felt like my heart was bleeding through my eyes as tears that wouldn’t stop. My heart and my stomach physically hurt. It was a complex set of emotions; I felt scared, I felt sad, I felt anxiety, I felt helpless, I felt guilty for not doing enough for my dad, I felt angry, I felt sick to my stomach thinking about how scary this must feel for him.
          Hope turned into despair, then I desperately would try to be positive for a little while, then I crashed hard into a dark place. This cycle repeated itself for a few days, sometimes several times an hour, and several times a day. It was driving me crazy. I would tell myself, holy shit, my dad is fucking dying. And emotions repeated.
          But after a week of this cycle of hell, I realized I couldn’t do this anymore for me or for my parents. I had to be strong, smart and focused more than ever, so I can be there for my parents. I looked in the mirror when I woke up, and told myself, “Yuri, you are not perfect by any means, but one thing you are – you are resilient. You know that about yourself. Get your shit together, and be more present, be grateful for the time you have with him, and be strong.”
          And there was so much I wanted to tell him but I was scared to tell him everything I wanted to tell him, because it was so unusual for me to open up this much to him about how much he means to me. I  was scared that if I actually told him what I wanted to tell him, I would feel as if I am admitting that he is actually going to die. And I didn’t want that. It felt like that means we were losing to cancer. To say, yes, you win, here I am admitting that my dad is dying by telling him things I was saving for decades later.
          But I knew I had to. Whatever it seemed to mean, and despite how scared I felt, I just had to.
          So one of the many sleepless nights that following week, at 3:23 am, I texted (yes I know, I am still a chicken for TEXTING him, but it was a big step towards the right direction).. all the things I’ve been wanting to say to him… that after my mom got divorced, since I was 5 years old, I used to pray to God every night that He would send me a dad…  and that I used to watch Annie, the movie, at least once a week daydreaming about what it would be like if I got a dad. And that God.. or whoever up there, did listen to me after all. And out of all people out there, I told him, he sent YOU to me, and not only does he love me unconditionally, but he is also generous, selfless, creative, optimistic, and full of spirit…And that I feel so blessed and feel like I am the luckiest daughter in the world…. And added, “Dad, that’s how I know God listens to my prayers. He already granted me my wishes before. And right now, I know he will listen to our prayers again.”
          Then he texted me back to my surprise at 3:47 am, as I am sure he was also having a sleepless night, … He texted me, in Korean.. “Yuri I love you so much and thank you so much for growing up to be a beautiful person and a woman that you’ve become. I am the happiest and the luckiest dad in the world.”
          And I cried and cried till the sun came up that night in my bed, until I couldn’t anymore.
          But strangely, instead of feeling defeated, something magical happened the next morning. As we uncovered our deepest level of father-daughter unconditional love, I felt a part of my heart breathe and accept this beautiful moment as it was. I felt this huge weight lift off my heart and my stomach that has been causing me so much anxiety. I felt relieved to be real and to have opened my heart. I felt… alive.
          So that following morning, for the first time since his dreadful diagnosis, I told myself in the mirror as I stared back at my exhausted, but hopeful eyes, “your dad is not dying. He is living..yes unfortunately with cancer. But he is fucking living. And he is going to live every day, not die every day. And so are you.”
          The irony of the two seemingly opposite words is that they actually  point to the same direction. Whether we are “living” or “dying,” we are going from birth to death. One sounds scarier and hopeless, and the other sounds vibrant and lively.
          I realized, we all have a choice. We can all choose to die every day or we can all chose to live. But ironically, confronting the fact that everyone eventually dies, is what reminded me to live again. And we weren’t going to let this cancer word get in the way of my dad and my family living. 
It’s never too early to tell someone how much they mean to you. It makes you and them feel alive. So go pour your heart out to someone who means a lot to you. Life is precious.
And lastly, here is a repost of my poem that I wrote a few years back. It is crazy how a poem that I wrote years ago start to make more sense to you years later. 

I’d rather be dying

Brave me, for the end is known
Honesty and truth have shifted from
luxuries to Reasons
Desires have weakened, yet
Intentions strengthened
Humbled, not afraid to
reveal my vulnerability

While imagining the eternal dark shadows of my eyelids
for the first time I
notice the different hues of the changing seasons,
the way the sun gracefully glides behind the twinkling horizon
the delicate shape of the hidden tears and colorful laughter of those
I have loved, but never missed before.

The illusion of inching closer towards a known conclusion, rather than
moving away from the start
Carves my greed down till I am left with
but what I can bring to the gates of heaven

But haven’t I always been moving in one direction
Even before I left the innate warmth of the womb?

I’d rather be dying
than living.

love you dad.
and fuck cancer. 

Life’s beauty is defined by its imperfections: Lessons from my dad and cancer.

February 10th. I’ll never forget.

I went to work like any other Tuesday morning, then I got a text from my mom as I was sitting in front of my laptop. It was about 8:50 am.

She texted me.. (In Korean)
“Remember how I told you your dad had a doctor check up today… “
Texted her back…(in English)
“Ya .. are you sure you guys don’t want me to come and help translate?”
(In Korean)
“Well… Don’t freak out. Please stay calm. He has cancer. He needs surgery. They are going to remove a foot of his colon today.”
     My heart dropped and my stomach twisted and hurt like someone put an invisible knife through my chest and my stomach. I felt dizzy and I felt cold. Before I knew it I was uncontrollably sobbing in my office, (and I would normally never ever cry at work) and with a quick text to my boss “gotta go, tell you later” I got in my car, and started driving to my parents… But then a few minutes into it, realized I couldn’t stop my tears, turned around, and headed to my apartment. I needed at least a few minutes to be alone and process and get my shit together. 15 minutes later I cried so hard that I threw up.
     It almost felt good to let all my emotions hit me, the confusion, the denial, the fear. I couldn’t believe this was real. I thought if I cried harder maybe I will wake myself up from a terrible dream. But I didn’t.
     My dad’s surgery was soon. I decided that I need to be the strong one. Ever since I was young, I had a very unique set of experiences that made me extremely strong and independent. Sometimes I like it. That day, I had no other choice.
     I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how swollen my eyes were. I didn’t want my parents to see me like this. I wanted to be there for them to lean on. I put some concealer on to hide my deep sadness and grabbed my keys and left. I stopped by the store on the way; I wanted to buy him a gift- anything that would put a smile on his face. Thankfully, it was right before Valentine’s Day, so there were a lot of cute silly gifts, like this giant stuffed gorilla with a kissy face. It made me smile for a bit so I knew it would certainly make my dad smile, so I grabbed it.
     As I approached the counter to pay, the cashier smiled and he asked me, “Is this for your boyfriend?” And I looked at him and responded without skipping a beat, “no it’s for my dad, and I love him so much.” It was amazing how much fuck I didn’t give about how weird that must have sounded to a stranger but I didn’t care. I got in my car and started to tear up again wondering how many Valentines my dad and I have left together.
     When I got to my parents’ place, I re-dabbled some make up on under my eyes to hide that I had been a mess, and walked up to their door. My dad and my mom greeted me as they always do; with so much excitement that I get a little overwhelmed every time. I remember 2 days before that day when I got in a car accident (yes.. Turns out this was rather a rough week) my parents sounded so scared and worried. This is how much they love me; their own pain doesn’t hurt them, but the thought of the possibility of me being in any pain does.
     They knew how startled I was and how devastated I was to find out about my dad this way; and they tried even harder to cheer me up. This silly man, I thought; he had this big surgery ahead of him in a few hours and he was worried about how I was feeling.
     It wasn’t just that he was diagnosed with … cancer. But the thought of him having gone to the doctor alone when he found out (he didn’t even tell my mom till a few days before the surgery because he didn’t want her to worry), going to all the follow ups, hearing that they will have to cut a foot of his organ, hearing and assessing all the scary possible complications and outcomes, alone, broke my heart.
     We got to the hospital, and we waited a while. There was this tense feeling around the waiting room. We waited a long while actually. So we just started to talk about random things. We even giggled a little. In this moment of despair, we all felt a random ray of happiness- that we are all together as a family, bonding through a tough time. We haven’t just hung out like this in a long time, without me checking my emails every 3 minutes, with out my mom going off about how I’m too busy and my dad reading something. We were all present, together. It was not the best form of a reminder, but a reminder nevertheless that there is no moment like now.
     This short moment of giggles quickly faded as we were called in. He had a long list of questions he had to answer for the doctor. At that moment, I realized how much I didn’t know about my dad. I didn’t know exactly how tall he was or how much he weighed. I didn’t know his mom passed away due to high blood pressure (he is my step dad since I was 11 and have never met most of them). I didn’t know that he was a teenager once and smoked cigarettes in his younger years. I knew his birthday but I haven’t really thought about the fact that he is 67… Almost 70 years old. Wow when did my dad get so old.
     We waited a few hours again after this examination, until they finally carried him away into the surgery room. Until the very last minute he left, he was cracking jokes and smiling. That’s my dad. And I was proud of him. He is so brave.
     Long 2 hours of surgery later, I learned another thing about my dad that I didn’t know before. That he could be in a LOT of pain. He has an extremely high pain tolerance and I have never seen him flinch with anything. Once the tv got knocked over and hit his head when we were moving and he was bleeding from his head. I freaked out but he was trying to reassure me he was fine and didn’t even act like it hurt him.
     But that day he made these inevitable painful groans after the surgery as his anesthetic wore off. It was one of the most difficult things I had to witness.
     Yet every time the nurse came around, he treated them with kindness and tried to make jokes in his broken English that made everyone laugh. He told me he was actually happy because we got to spend so much time together and that I got to hang out with him the whole day on a work day. I realized that maybe, although not related my blood, I had inherited his ability to see the positive in every dark situation, as I’ve called him dad for over 15 years now. That made me smile.
     Thankfully a few months later, he is still doing  somewhat better. I pray for him every day. We think he got lucky and they caught it at a pretty early stage. Although we don’t know when the cancer can come back, he is able to walk and eat fairly normal; although he gets tired more easily than he used to, he can carry on a normal life for the most part for now. It is still too early to celebrate, but I am glad that he is recovering well. And I am so thankful for them just being in my life.
     In Korea, we have something called the “parents day” [Uh-buh-yee-nal] – kind of like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day but together on the same day. It’s May 8th of each year. My parents are currently visiting Korea so I didn’t get to spend it with them but I have been thinking about them a lot. I finally got myself to reflect on this whole experience a few months later; although this has been an emotional reflecting, it has forced me to think about what I can learn from this situation.
     You see, it’s not just the mere sum of euphoric moments that defines happiness, but rather the contrast of a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions as humans, love and sadness, hope and despair, laughter and tears, that makes life truly beautiful. If we were happy all the time, we wouldn’t know the real colors of this life. Because there are dark days, the bright days are brighter and more appreciated. And every moment, every experience, there is a blessing and lesson behind it.
     The negative experiences help shape who we are and push us to define who we are. My negative experiences throughout my life have taught  me that these moments are never permanent, and neither are the bursts of joyful moments. The impermanence of these fleeting moments, whether good or bad, helps me detach from getting hyper focused on one shade of emotion and letting that take over me.
     What I gain through all meaningful experiences is a unique perspective that no one can take away from me. Sure, in theory it would be nice to never go through tough times, and definitely never see your dad get sick, but instead of being forever sad about what happened that was out of my control, I try to see what wisdom this life event is offering. Without these experiences, in fact, I wouldn’t be … me. I’ve also acquired the ability to connect and be compassionate to those who have overcome similar or even varying shapes of struggles.
     And lastly, I realized just how amazing my parents are. I hope to be half the parent that they were to me one day and show them the selfless and unconditional love as they have to me. I hope that I can teach my kids to smile and see the light in every situation. I hope that I can teach them the courage to be strong and never compromise being kind no matter what situation life brings.
Happy belated “parents day,” mom and dad. I love you and very very thankful for you.
Oh but yeah, fuck cancer.

Mom trying to make me laugh while we wait at the hospital.  

Thank you dad for being a survivor. Love you always.


Chasing Sunsets

I had at least 4,720,492 things on my to do list today after work. I was going to go to a yoga class, run, take my trash out, prep for work, etc etc, whatever a Type A professional woman in their late twenties are “supposed” to do on a Wednesday night.

Then as I stepped outside today leaving work, finally escaping the air conditioned igloo they call an office, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and the love I instantly felt by the sun, the air and just by nature. When I got home, I looked at my to do list, crumpled it up and dramatically threw it in my trash can (oh then took the trash out after, so yay I did get one thing done on the list) and I grabbed my keys and drove to my favorite trail. Like f*ck you to-do list! Tonight I just want to be outside and mingle with nature.

As I started running the trail behind my old house, (secretly trying to cross off “run 3 miles” which was on my to do list that I threw away) I started to notice the curves of the bridge, the calmness of the water, the small trembling of the wildflowers as people ran by them. I have been to this trail literally hundreds of times before and every single time I find something new that is so intricately beautiful. I started to slow down, and I eventually came to a full stop when I saw the sunset. I was captivated by its breathtaking view; I couldn’t move. So I found a little bench, I sat there and watched the sunset for almost an hour, until it was completely dark, listened to the crickets singing and trees breathing, and I wrote this:


Today I chased the sunset

Oh the sun, you teased me with your soft shades of pastels,

So today I followed you without question,

or the need to know where you will take me

Playfully, as if betting a game of hide and seek

I just flirted with your colorful rays and counted to 10

As you slowly melted into the edges of the world


But I know you will be back tomorrow

With hopeful warmth and shine again

As you always have as long as my existence coincided with yours

Today I ask, though, why majestic Sun?

You have the power to quit

You have the power to destroy

You have the power to disappoint 

Never boastful;

Just gracefully awakening each corner of the world 

You don’t ever skip a day

Even though your blessings go unnoticed

You don’t stop shining

even when clouds and rain try to undermine your magnificence

You don’t stop to judge

to decide if we are worthy of your light each day

You just

Simply Love, Love, Love.


Today I thought I chased the sunset;

And thought I bet a game of hide and go seek


But there was never chasing you or a game, you see


I just followed you

I didn’t question why

I didn’t expect anything of you

Just mesmerized by your pure beauty


I found myself here


I just realized,

You were teaching me how to


Simply Love, Love, Love.



What you say about people now is what you will become in your next life.

My mom’s advice from when I was very young…

“Imagine that in your next life, you will be everything that you ever said about other people whether it’s good or bad. Now tell me, do you want to call anyone ugly, fat or stupid, or whatever? Is that what you want to be? That makes you think twice about ever speaking badly about anyone, doesn’t it? …

Now imagine that in your next life you will be everything good that you ever said or noticed about other people: smart, beautiful, generous, and kind. Talk about people around you in only good ways and you will have all those traits in your next life. Practice noticing only the good in people, and it will become a part of you even in this life.”

My first lesson on empathy and positive thinking. Apparently started when I was very young. Thanks mom. 🙂 I must be getting older… I mean wiser 😉



“I love gay people and pizza.”

Hi. I know. A weird title. Well I know that this would get your attention. That was my point. This subject requires your attention.

To start off, I am straight (sorry ladies…. just kidding..) But recently I have had a growing interest in the subject of human rights (or the lack of in some places) the LGBT community. It might have been those PRIDE events that gets me every time with their damn awesome rainbows and unicorns (I fucking love rainbows and unicorns) or maybe it is gay marriage articles that keep popping up on the news; or maybe it’s just that I have been learning more about this human rights issue a little bit more proactively. (For example, did you know that in Algeria, you can get stoned to death if you are gay and the law allows the people to do this? Or did you know that you can get a lifetime sentence in jail in Russia for being gay?)

Whatever the reason is that I am being more aware of this topic, the important thing is that an average American like me, is taking the issue more seriously, as we should have a long time ago.

Before I begin, I have to confess. As an adolescent growing up in a small town in Colorado, I have used terms such as “gay” or “fag” as derogatory terms. I thought it was “cool.” And to be quite honest, I didn’t even know what those words really meant nor how hurtful they can be.

But I was enlightened, and you can be too, if you are not already. This is part of growing up, getting educated, and figuring out what’s right and wrong, and taking a stand for what you believe to be right.

I recently watched a TedTalk by Andrew Solomon (and I’m mildly obsessed with this guy, in the non-creepy-wow-he-is-so-brilliant-and-awesome kind of way, and if you a re a friend of mine, you already know this because I have been talking about him and his work for several weeks now), and he talks about the prejudice that he faced as a gay American growing up and the hardships that came with it. But instead of letting those potentially negative experiences bring him down, he found a way to forge meaning and build his identity. He also talks about his experience of being a gay father and his unconditional love for his child, and what a blessing it is to experience that. I have watched this TedTalk at least like 20 times, and I tear up every time I watch it still because the way he depicts his “blessing” to marry his partner and to be a father, and his perspective on life are so amazingly beautiful. Anyways, this TedTalk really touched me deeply and the first night I watched it, I went on Amazon at 2 am and bought 3 of his books.

As I was having another one of my “oh my gosh you have to watch this TedTalk he is amazing” rants with one of my friends, she asked me, “Yuri, do tell me. I did watch it and I thought it was wonderful and powerful; but I was a little bit puzzled how MUCH you were affected by this guy and how much you can relate to his talk… you’re not gay after all.”

And I thought about her question for a few days. Why DID his talk impact me so much?

I think it is because we all have closets that we hide in, whether we are gay or not (and there is actually another wonderful TedTalk that explains this very well). And we all have a difficult time coming out of our own closets sometimes and be true to ourselves and fully accept our own identities. And I admire people who can come out of their closets, and fully embrace who they are, regardless of what others might think of it (honey badger don’t CARE attitude). I admire that he can appreciate and love himself for who he is and he tells his stories to create his identity. He also doesn’t take anything for granted, whether it is getting married to the love of his life, or having a family, or having a child which may seem like a “given privilege” to those who have not experienced his obstacles as a gay American. I love that he passionately stands up for what he believes in after he overcame his own hardships, and was able to turn that into a beautiful movement hoping to better lives for LGBT and in some countries, bring awareness to hopefully SAVE lives. That is just so awesome. I also love that he is a writer and he impacts people with his words, which is something I aspire to do. He inspired me to believe that everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad, and there IS always a way to make positive meaning out of each of those experiences.

When I was reading his bio, he too, had a mother who attempted suicide. This really made me think about my hardships that I have experienced in my life and my experience with almost losing my mother. I am not gay, but I definitely have faced difficult times in my life in different forms. I thought about what positive meaning I could make out of my own hardships in my life. And today, as I am typing this up, I am forming a group to do a walk this fall with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (and would be great if you want to join me or donate!). This is my way of turning my hardship into something positive. And Andrew Solomon inspired me to do this. Positivity is definitely infectious; and passionate positivity triggers positive actions that make this world a better place.

So anyways going back to the title, let me finally explain. I don’t love gay people BECAUSE they are gay; but I love gay people because they are people.

I hate broccoli, but I don’t hate people that like broccoli, although I don’t agree with them. I love pizza, and if you tried to hate me because I love pizza, you are probably a psycho. What I am saying is, if two people love and care for each other, that is a blessing, and no one should judge them for what their preference in life is, whether it is broccoli or pizza. And frankly, it does not affect you in any negative way. In fact, more people who are happy in this world because they get to embrace their broccoli or pizza liking will probably only impact you more positively in the end!

More happy people = Happier world.

So to end this note, I love gay people; and I love all straight people. And I love all people in between. I just love people, and I believe that everyone has the right to be happy. We should protect that beautiful fact.

And I hope that you impact at least one other person to spread the word that protecting the rights of all people’s happiness is important and that stopping the prejudice against LGBT is something that our generation needs to change in our life time. Whatever form you take to do this, whether you support the next PRIDE event with your own rainbows and unicorns, or you just simply take 5 minutes to educate yourself in this every few months, or you catch yourself using words like “gay” as a derogatory term, or share this blog with another friend, or become the next famous human rights activist (which would be awesome!) whatever it is, I invite you to join bringing awareness to this issue in your own way and in your own capacity.

Or maybe it doesn’t have to do a thing with LGBT – just take this opportunity to reflect on what negative things have happened in your life and how you can make positive meaning out of it for the world.

We have an opportunity to make a difference. You have the opportunity to make a difference. How wonderful is that? 🙂

And lastly, I invite all of you to watch his TedTalk. It will change your life for the better. Even if it is not as drastically as it did to me, but I promise you, it will make you better even just a slight bit.

Here is the link of Andrew Solmon’s talk:

This is Ash Beckham’s TedTalk on “coming out of the closets”:

OH and the honey badger don’t give a shit video for old time’s sake:

And PLEASE HELP AND SUPPORT and donate to my fundraiser for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here (Team Celebrate Life – YC) even if it is just a few dollars: http://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=567889

Thank you!

And if you liked the article, and want to contribute in spreading the messages in this article, please share this post on Facebook or Twitter or other people!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

– YC

I love gay people and pizza

Not Superstitious

I’m not superstitious but

I wash my clothes after a funeral

I’m not superstitious but

I buy lottery tickets after a good dream

I’m not superstitious but

I believe in good karma

I’m not superstitious but

I fall in love

I’m not superstitious but

I pray for strangers

I’m not superstitious but

I smile at every full moon for good luck

I’m not superstitious but

I kiss my grandma for her to live another healthy day

I’m not superstitious but

I throw pennies into fountains

I’m not superstitious but

I believe that all my good thoughts will one day,

benefit the corners of the world that I’ll never see


I’m not superstitious

I’m not superstitious

I swear to Buddha!


Have yourself a happy Wednesday!  🙂 You deserve it.