we all struggle,

under some moments of Truthfulness. 

Speak, only if you can attest

Hold, rather than deceit

I want to see you

I want to feel you

I want to know the deepest parts of you


if not, 

My attention won’t arrest. 

On the other side of fear


Walk to the edge of the cliff of my soul

do you see what’s out there?

I see a field of blossoming sunflowers

swaying  back and forth with the wind

angelic doves gracefully gliding above

little birds chirping 

chiming with the sound of neverending springy breeze

I see waves of clear blue sky reflected

in the still clear ocean

The smell of grass tickles on my nostrils 

I see paradise

I see paradise

So walk on to the edge of the cliff of my soul

and walk past where you’ve never gone before

and you will fly, 

you will be magical, 

you will be free


Creative Ecstasy

I like the smell of the books that fills this room
Intoxicated off the sweet glass of poetry that swirls my heart
I melt into the creative flow between the rhythmic space between my canvass and the brush
My soul dances with the music you make for me
I can taste the sweetness of this very second on my tongue
Ecstasy overwhelms, this moment.

Early morning secrets

The other morning, I found myself walking out the door to get to work as the digital clock on my phone read 4:58 am, as I had an extremely early east coast call set up that morning. I know this sounds crazy, but I truly appreciate this very special connection I feel to the moon and the dark sky when I get up and get ready for the day that early in the morning.. as if I am getting some magical one-on-one time before any distractions from the day start to take away from the pure beauty of the sky. The town was still perfectly still, and I was intoxicated by its beauty and the silence, so I sat in my car all inspired and shit, risking being late to work a few minutes and frantically wrote this…


Pitch dark out.

As if I am being let in on a secret

the world has yet to find out today


I indulge this moment deliciously

under the luminating aura of the silent morning moonlight

that’s yet too bright

to give over the baton over to the hidden sun


The twinkling still embedded in the dawn sky

sleepily starts to fade home

after a long night’s patrol


But wait,

what’s the secret

you are trying to let me in on, I ask,


The moon carefully tiptoes over to my ear,

trying not to awake the still dreaming town,

and gently whispers in my ear..


“This Bliss…

… in this Silence.”

Love Poem to all humans

So I didn’t used to like Valentine’s Day – I thought it was a commercialized holiday that celebrated the superficial parts of relationships. And I don’t even like chocolate. But in my recent years, I have changed my perspective and understood the power and realm of “love” so much deeply. This year, I am fully embracing what this holiday could mean – I want to celebrate how much I love everyone, friends, family, even strangers, just because they are human. Sometimes as I sit in traffic or walk down the street full of strangers, I silently bless them and send them my love. Who knows what they are going through and who knows what my little loving thought energy could positively impact them.

We all have the same needs as humans – to feel connected, to feel loved, to feel happiness, yet we don’t actually take the time to get to know each person to their deepest desires, dreams and fears. I wish we did, and I am trying to make a conscious effort to when I talk to people these days – because we would find that each time we are all the same in the core of our beings.

So this poem is to celebrate my love I feel for the universe and everyone in it (minus Trump, I still don’t love Trump)! Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo!


Open Invitation

If you need a place to rest your heart,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the scent of the infinite ocean swirls into the pink shades of sunset,

Where the dolphins come out to dance with the radiating melodies of your intuition,

where every step you take, the nurturing warm sand will hug your feet with unconditional embrace.


If you need a place to rest your soul,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the lustful twinkle of the moonlight will flirt with all your senses,

Where the taste of the pure sacred water will refresh all corners of your tongue,

Where the sound of clashing waves will enlighten and awaken even the darkest shades of your being.


You are loved, you are loved.

You are safe on my island, my love.


If you ever need a place to rest,

Please be my guest.





If my tears could take away your pain

I’d cry forever

If my hugs could comfort you
I’d hug you forever

If my prayers could heal you
I’d pray forever

If my many sleepless nights will let you sleep better
I’d give up sleep forever

If my hope cheers you up
I’d be hopeful forever

If my love reminds you to keep fighting


Because I’ll love you forever

No matter where you are and will be
You’re my father
And I’ll be your daughter forever

Fall in love with life…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.13.56 PM.png

Fall in love with life; go on adventures; meet new people and experience new things with them; don’t be afraid to show who you are and befriend yourself; don’t ever ever forget to appreciate every moment that will never come back.

Tell people you love that you love them any chance you get; cherish the love you receive; forgive those who may have done you wrong out of their own insecurities; stay compassionate to all of us who are imperfect.

Now is all we will ever have and always be mindful that you only get one life to live. That way you won’t have regrets, because regrets are the empty traces of you not living to the fullest.

When things get hard, know that they will pass just as fast as any good times. And when things get good, know that you deserve it. Life is all but dull, so don’t forget to live colorfully, color life, color life!