On the other side of fear


Walk to the edge of the cliff of my soul

do you see what’s out there?

I see a field of blossoming sunflowers

swaying  back and forth with the wind

angelic doves gracefully gliding above

little birds chirping 

chiming with the sound of neverending springy breeze

I see waves of clear blue sky reflected

in the still clear ocean

The smell of grass tickles on my nostrils 

I see paradise

I see paradise

So walk on to the edge of the cliff of my soul

and walk past where you’ve never gone before

and you will fly, 

you will be magical, 

you will be free


Creative Ecstasy

I like the smell of the books that fills this room
Intoxicated off the sweet glass of poetry that swirls my heart
I melt into the creative flow between the rhythmic space between my canvass and the brush
My soul dances with the music you make for me
I can taste the sweetness of this very second on my tongue
Ecstasy overwhelms, this moment.


If my tears could take away your pain

I’d cry forever

If my hugs could comfort you
I’d hug you forever

If my prayers could heal you
I’d pray forever

If my many sleepless nights will let you sleep better
I’d give up sleep forever

If my hope cheers you up
I’d be hopeful forever

If my love reminds you to keep fighting


Because I’ll love you forever

No matter where you are and will be
You’re my father
And I’ll be your daughter forever

Fall in love with life…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.13.56 PM.png

Fall in love with life; go on adventures; meet new people and experience new things with them; don’t be afraid to show who you are and befriend yourself; don’t ever ever forget to appreciate every moment that will never come back.

Tell people you love that you love them any chance you get; cherish the love you receive; forgive those who may have done you wrong out of their own insecurities; stay compassionate to all of us who are imperfect.

Now is all we will ever have and always be mindful that you only get one life to live. That way you won’t have regrets, because regrets are the empty traces of you not living to the fullest.

When things get hard, know that they will pass just as fast as any good times. And when things get good, know that you deserve it. Life is all but dull, so don’t forget to live colorfully, color life, color life!

Not Superstitious

I’m not superstitious but

I wash my clothes after a funeral

I’m not superstitious but

I buy lottery tickets after a good dream

I’m not superstitious but

I believe in good karma

I’m not superstitious but

I fall in love

I’m not superstitious but

I pray for strangers

I’m not superstitious but

I smile at every full moon for good luck

I’m not superstitious but

I kiss my grandma for her to live another healthy day

I’m not superstitious but

I throw pennies into fountains

I’m not superstitious but

I believe that all my good thoughts will one day,

benefit the corners of the world that I’ll never see


I’m not superstitious

I’m not superstitious

I swear to Buddha!


Have yourself a happy Wednesday!  🙂 You deserve it.


This Moment

The moment you realize no one is perfect you will
accept yourself
The moment you realize everyone struggles you will
connect with others
The moment you realize you are already more than enough you will
be content

The moment you realize the impermanence of life you will
let go
The moment you realize no one can guarantee your next breath you will
live to your fullest
The moment you realize today will never come back you will
appreciate the memories

The moment you help others you will
benefit more than anyone
The moment you expect nothing you will
gain everything
And the moment you realize you already have everything you will
be happy.


Smile. Life is short 🙂 Enjoy each breath and everything you have.


Infidelity: Forgive and let go

I’ve been cheated on in a relationship with one of my ex ex ex’s about a while ago. It was an awful experience because even though I am sure it was just a few minutes of thrill for them of doing something that was wrong and “fun” (and drunk – and no, that is never an excuse), his infidelity really haunted me for a while. For months after, I was obsessed with the idea of trying to understand why people cheat and why people want to hurt those who they care about and vice versa. One night, as I was pondering this inner conflict for the 21398th time, I had a visual of these two people committing infidelity on a dark night by the ocean. I could feel it, I could smell it, and I got chills. Being present with that imagery helped me really understand their temptations and shortcomings as humans and their proceeded guilt. This was my way of re-living my pain creatively to heal myself – forgiving them and truly letting go.

I can say that I have been completely healed from the aforementioned infidelity now for a few years now, and with active creative healing and meditating on this subject. But as with all bad situations, there is a silver lining, and I learned that every wound can eventually be healed, and every wound that heals eventually makes you stronger and more intuitive. I also learned, among many other incidents that happened since, that trust is crucial in a relationship, on both sides.

Now that I feel 110% healed from that situation and learned some important lessons, I can discuss them with a smile rather than a pained heart, I want to share something that has been fairly private to my stronger heart but with confidence I can say that I am comfortable sharing this merely as a piece of creative work, rather than a piece of my broken heart now. I present to you one of my favorite poems that I have written in the last few years still:



the lustful melodies of her breaths

imprisoned by the scent of her disgraceful charm

engulfed by his primal hunger, he is

disenchanted from his ancient vows, he


helplessly in her intangible affection.

The moonlight shivers across the sin;

the eerie stillness of the apathetic air and

the nocturnal silence

exhaust his innocence.

If your spouse or your significant other has ever been unfaithful (and I hope they are your ex at this point), I want to remind you that the best thing to do is truly forgive, not just forget, about them. Take the sharp thing they threw in your heart out, even if it takes a major surgery through creative writing, therapy, healing, etc. Because if your heart scars over the sharp painful thing in your heart, it can become a part of you and eventually slowly hurt you more in the long term. And it will be that much easier to find the cause or the location of that pain. Forgive them not because you let go of your pride, or because you care about them, but because you love you and you care about you.

– YC