Welcome, you beautiful human.

Do you find yourself feeling “stuck,” or in a cloud of feeling like you’re not good enough, or going through some rough spots? Do you crave inspiration and joy in life, yet it’s hard for you to find it at times?

Well, I am thankful you found me and my blog, and that we get to share this moment.

My name is Yuri Choi and I am a business and life coach with the mission to inspire and mentor people to live an authentic and meaningful life.

I believe that to be happy you need:

  1. Purpose – What am I doing all this for? What is my legacy?
  2. Intention – Why do I do what I do?
  3. Freedom – Choice to create, be your authentic self, show up open and fully
  4. Connection and Love – To self, the social groups, community, and the Universe
  5. Many social hats – To create the strong foundation to be resilient
  6. Ego Death – Die ego
  7. I will be okay attitude – Resiliency
  8. Growth – Fully embracing the impermanence in life, in a positive direction closer to your purpose
  9. Health – your body, your mental, your spirit
  10. Mindfulness/Awareness – Knowing and being honest about where you are
  11. Creative outlet – for me this blog serves as one, and I also write poems and I am an artist, and have created businesses

In this blog, I will explore topics related to all of the above.

When I first created this blog in 2011, this was a place where I can share my creative and deepest thoughts about my life that I rarely shared with anyone and my knowledge and application on what happiness meant in the modern world. I was obsessed with positive psychology and overall well-being.

Oh and I remember when I first published my first blog post, I was so excited and scared that I couldn’t even breathe. This blog has provided me the courage to start powerfully using my voice over the years. It has given me the courage to open up and to be unique. It has given me the courage to own up being human.

Over the last 8 years, many life events took place that shook me to my core. I’ve changed jobs, I’ve healed myself from my past trauma of almost losing my mother to suicide in my teen years, I’ve started to dedicate my time to serve the community based on my healing journey activated by this blog, fell in love a few times, battled through my dad’s cancer journey with him, lost my father, became an artist, quit my corporate job that wasn’t aligned with my soul, became a poet, started a business, then another business, and now I continue to grow and break myself, then find myself over and over again to continue on this journey.

I am so grateful that this blog was able to capture all the colors of this adventure called life for almost a decade.

Today, this blog shares not my “knowledge” on happiness, but rather “evolving spiritual wisdom” on happiness, life, love and business – and anything in between.

Over the years, I realized that as long as I am chasing and striving towards happiness, I will never be actually happy because it becomes a destination and a goal. I decided to use this blog to show the very journey to show evidence that as long as you are being your authentic self, as long as you’re growing, as long as you are continually freeing yourself, as long as you are light, happiness is now. Life is now. The only thing we have is now.

Happiness sometimes surfaces in shapes of love, sometimes passion, sometimes growth, sometimes freedom, and sometimes even pain.

I want to share all these colors of life with you in this blog. I hope to inspire you to live vulnerably, courageously, and lovingly.

Follow my journey with Happiness Addict. And become one with me.


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