Being a Human “Being”

Are you always a human doing or do you ever allow yourself to be a human “being”? Do you take time to #relax or #renew your body and #soul? Do you consciously #reflect often?
As a recovering type A, I have a hard time relaxing still. I feel that a series of “doing” gives me an illusion of elated worth and ego at times. It feels still foreign to me at times to turn off my brain and surrender to just enjoying truly being present in the moment and committing to just “being.” We are already worthy and we are already perfect exactly where we are. So what am I trying to compensate when the “doing” overwhelms the “being?” Upon this realization lately I am getting better at dedicating time to relaxing and being ok doing nothing consciously, even for brief moments… but it does not come easy still. With a regular practice of meditation and yoga, I feel more and more present though.

Buddhism and other schools of thought in the realms of meditation agree that “doing nothing” is ironically the key to getting more things done; some even say doing nothing is a form of art in itself – and that human problems arise when one is feeling discomfort just “being” or inability to sit still.
So take the time to consciously relax and reflect. Let the waves and trembles of your mind calm down to a still state; and when your mind is still and clear, that’s when you can find the true and clear reflection of yourself. One cannot see their reflection in the busy and turbulent waves of the ocean but one can see themselves clearly in the reflection when the water is calm and still, like a lake. And with that clarity of seeing who you really are – is the first step towards true growth and change. One cannot measure change when they don’t know where they even started.

And when you can reflect, relax, and renew regularly and consciously, it opens up the space in your life for you to grow, to realign, and to find peace within. So don’t forget to be a human being, not just a human doing. We are perfect exactly where we are, as we are.

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