Love Poem to all humans

So I didn’t used to like Valentine’s Day – I thought it was a commercialized holiday that celebrated the superficial parts of relationships. And I don’t even like chocolate. But in my recent years, I have changed my perspective and understood the power and realm of “love” so much deeply. This year, I am fully embracing what this holiday could mean – I want to celebrate how much I love everyone, friends, family, even strangers, just because they are human. Sometimes as I sit in traffic or walk down the street full of strangers, I silently bless them and send them my love. Who knows what they are going through and who knows what my little loving thought energy could positively impact them.

We all have the same needs as humans – to feel connected, to feel loved, to feel happiness, yet we don’t actually take the time to get to know each person to their deepest desires, dreams and fears. I wish we did, and I am trying to make a conscious effort to when I talk to people these days – because we would find that each time we are all the same in the core of our beings.

So this poem is to celebrate my love I feel for the universe and everyone in it (minus Trump, I still don’t love Trump)! Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo!


Open Invitation

If you need a place to rest your heart,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the scent of the infinite ocean swirls into the pink shades of sunset,

Where the dolphins come out to dance with the radiating melodies of your intuition,

where every step you take, the nurturing warm sand will hug your feet with unconditional embrace.


If you need a place to rest your soul,

Come to my island of Love.

Where the lustful twinkle of the moonlight will flirt with all your senses,

Where the taste of the pure sacred water will refresh all corners of your tongue,

Where the sound of clashing waves will enlighten and awaken even the darkest shades of your being.


You are loved, you are loved.

You are safe on my island, my love.


If you ever need a place to rest,

Please be my guest.