Chasing Sunsets

I had at least 4,720,492 things on my to do list today after work. I was going to go to a yoga class, run, take my trash out, prep for work, etc etc, whatever a Type A professional woman in their late twenties are “supposed” to do on a Wednesday night.

Then as I stepped outside today leaving work, finally escaping the air conditioned igloo they call an office, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and the love I instantly felt by the sun, the air and just by nature. When I got home, I looked at my to do list, crumpled it up and dramatically threw it in my trash can (oh then took the trash out after, so yay I did get one thing done on the list) and I grabbed my keys and drove to my favorite trail. Like f*ck you to-do list! Tonight I just want to be outside and mingle with nature.

As I started running the trail behind my old house, (secretly trying to cross off “run 3 miles” which was on my to do list that I threw away) I started to notice the curves of the bridge, the calmness of the water, the small trembling of the wildflowers as people ran by them. I have been to this trail literally hundreds of times before and every single time I find something new that is so intricately beautiful. I started to slow down, and I eventually came to a full stop when I saw the sunset. I was captivated by its breathtaking view; I couldn’t move. So I found a little bench, I sat there and watched the sunset for almost an hour, until it was completely dark, listened to the crickets singing and trees breathing, and I wrote this:


Today I chased the sunset

Oh the sun, you teased me with your soft shades of pastels,

So today I followed you without question,

or the need to know where you will take me

Playfully, as if betting a game of hide and seek

I just flirted with your colorful rays and counted to 10

As you slowly melted into the edges of the world


But I know you will be back tomorrow

With hopeful warmth and shine again

As you always have as long as my existence coincided with yours

Today I ask, though, why majestic Sun?

You have the power to quit

You have the power to destroy

You have the power to disappoint 

Never boastful;

Just gracefully awakening each corner of the world 

You don’t ever skip a day

Even though your blessings go unnoticed

You don’t stop shining

even when clouds and rain try to undermine your magnificence

You don’t stop to judge

to decide if we are worthy of your light each day

You just

Simply Love, Love, Love.


Today I thought I chased the sunset;

And thought I bet a game of hide and go seek


But there was never chasing you or a game, you see


I just followed you

I didn’t question why

I didn’t expect anything of you

Just mesmerized by your pure beauty


I found myself here


I just realized,

You were teaching me how to


Simply Love, Love, Love.