This Moment

The moment you realize no one is perfect you will
accept yourself
The moment you realize everyone struggles you will
connect with others
The moment you realize you are already more than enough you will
be content

The moment you realize the impermanence of life you will
let go
The moment you realize no one can guarantee your next breath you will
live to your fullest
The moment you realize today will never come back you will
appreciate the memories

The moment you help others you will
benefit more than anyone
The moment you expect nothing you will
gain everything
And the moment you realize you already have everything you will
be happy.


Smile. Life is short 🙂 Enjoy each breath and everything you have.


New Moon

Someone asked me once.. what inspires you to write? To be honest, at the time, I couldn’t answer that. I had to think about it, for weeks and months because I just had never thought about it. And I felt like it was an important question. I felt like I should have a really good answer ready to go, but I didn’t. Until more recently. It was a lot simpler than I made it to be. Sometimes the best answers in life are just that – simple.

So everything does. Everything inspires me. Just as a photographer is inspired by everything that stimulates their senses and captures the moment, when I am in a creative and open mindset and I start to observe the world through an appreciative set of eyes, everything stimulates my senses and I feel compelled to capture those moments, but mostly with my words.

Tonight, I was leaving work at 8 something PM, and as I was walking to my car in the parking lot, and realized that I had no idea where I parked … again…. I just happened to look up at the sky and saw this beautiful glowing full moon. There, at 8 something PM, inching closer to 9 PM, I lost track of time and where I needed to be for a moment. I was completely captivated by the moon and the beauty of it. I stood there, for good 10 minutes or so, to realize I didn’t care how late or tired or hungry I was. I wanted to capture everything I felt, saw, smelled, and heard that moment.

I sat next to my car, still admiring the moon in complete awe, and I started writing down on my phone’s Notes app like a frantic artist. I wanted to capture everything. All at once. A few minutes later, I realize I had written this. And I promised myself I wouldn’t edit it because I wanted it to be organic and real. Here it goes:


New Moon

Under another full moon
I am tamed for a moment
By the refreshing summer breeze
It breathes hope into my lungs
And the green grass tickles my senses
Awakening the dull parts of my heart
That temporarily abandoned me
For a vacation away from me

Come back, as I reach out
I feel my heart beat again
Suddenly I remember what it feels to


The nostalgic pain, the laughter once held back,

They all seem so beautiful now.

But tonight
I breathe to feel
alive again

It’s a new full moon
And just another one for some
But tonight
I am a captive

For all good that it represents.

I surrender
To this

my new full moon.



– YC