Do good anyway…

I used to be very religious as I mentioned in one of my previous posts. With a few incidents that took course during my life, I have decided to not be exclusive to one specific religion but respect all and take only what I feel are positive about them to help me grow as an individual. Although now I have my own set of morals, my influences still derive from the traditional Catholic teachings for it was such a big part of my early part of life. What I respect the most is those who not only were involved in the religion merely to call themselves priests or people of the church, but those who really internalized what the church represented and made this world a better place. One of my favorite people in the world wrote one of my favorite poems.. The following poem is by Mother Teresa and I read this poem whenever I get a chance to refresh my soul, get motivated, clear my head, or just because. 🙂 Enjoy…


I’d rather be dying

One of the most common questions people ask randomly (sounds like an oxymoron) is.. “What would you do if you knew you were going to die.. tomorrow, a week from now, in a year, etc?” And peoples’ replies range from, “go to Vegas, do lines of coke on strippers boobs, get the sickest suite at Cesar’s Palace and gamble all my money, all day, every day” to “travel the world, search the meaning of life, spend time with my loved ones, all while skydiving or surfing” to “go to Africa and save a starving person, bring world peace and become the next Buddha,”

One day, I wondered, why does the realization that one is dying so much easier to motivate people to do what they really want to do with their lives, rather than the realization that they are living? And if it is the case that the sense of dying is what makes you really live to the fullest, then isn’t pretending to be dying much more valuable than pretending to be living?

I present you this poem I wrote a few weeks back, and please don’t go call 911 because I am not depressed nor is it a suicidal note. It is a simple reminder  for those who procrastinate the “true living” till the moment they are on the verge of death.

Go live today. And if that doesn’t work, at least start pretending you are dying.

I’d rather be dying

Brave me, for the end is known
Honesty and truth have shifted from
luxuries to Reasons
Desires have weakened, yet
Intentions strengthened
Humbled, not afraid to
reveal my vulnerability

While imagining the eternal dark shadows of my eyelids
for the first time I
notice the different hues of the changing seasons,
the way the sun gracefully glides behind the twinkling horizon
the delicate shape of the hidden tears and colorful laughter of those
I have loved, but never missed before.

The illusion of inching closer towards a known conclusion, rather than
moving away from the start
Carves my greed down till I am left with
but what I can bring to the gates of heaven

But haven’t I always been moving in one direction
Even before I left the innate warmth of the womb?

I’d rather be dying
than living.

Early morning coffee, writing, and a smile…

Fortunately, I have a job. Fortunately #2, my job is awesome in the sense that with an open mind, it allows me to have a 2 hour heart to heart with complete strangers who come to the school disguised as ” prospective students” to the college that I work for, who are simply just people who are looking for hope for a better future who have unresolved issues in their lives that have stopped them from continuing their education. Often times, what I realize their lack of will, ability, or capacity to go to college is not a simple “oops I forgot to take my SAT’s” but it is a surface symptom of lack of love, support, and direction for their family members or their “close ones.”

This morning, I realize that I have had many many heart to hearts with lost, confused, and insecure students who are very creative and talented (I work for an art school), and I created a short manual-ish poem for people who want to have more meaningful conversations in their lives. 🙂

Beginners’ Guide to a Heart to Heart

Speak passionately with your heart
Hug with uncontaminated sincerity

Listen as if they are the only audible words ever spoken
Absorb yourself in the conversation
Melt into the moment
Accept the wide spectrum of 
human emotions ranging from dark to joy

Judge nothing

Welcome the inevitable weakness and confusion of existence

Avoid the temptation to suggest a solution
But be a part of the healing process

Now, go spread the love! 🙂

(Don’t be a whore, you know what I mean!)